ICON Alloys

Dynamic Wheel Co., is the proud distributor of ICON Alloys in Australia. Developed by ICON Vehicle Dynamics in the USA. ICON Alloys are designed and built with an objective to provide the off-road market quality wheels that are built with precision, performance and strength in mind. 


The ICON Rebound Pro’s are built with the patented INNER LOCK Technology. This technology offers the best of both worlds by using robust bead retention system to keep the tyre bead secured to the wheel while also being fully DOT compliant.
Any hardcore off-road enthusiast knows the numerous benefits that lower tyre pressure offers such as improved ride quality and a larger contact patch for increased traction. However, low pressure also increases the risk of de-beading the tyre during extreme side loads or aggressive driving. While traditional beadlock wheels address this issue by clamping the tyre’s bead, they also need frequent maintenance, require specialty tools/parts, increase rotational mass, and are NOT legal for on-road use. 


What is Innerlock Technology?

 The ICON Alloys Rebound PRO with patented InnerLock technology offers the best of both worlds by using a robust bead retention system to keep the tire bead secured to the wheel while also being fully DOT, JWL and VIA compliant. This provides confidence in knowing that your wheels are prepared to tackle whatever situation you encounter – on or off the beaten path. InnerLock is ready for any type of terrain and every single adventure.

Patented InnerLock technology (U.S. Patent No. 11,090,976) is an all-new way of capturing the tire bead and retaining it onto the wheel. InnerLock uses a series of O-ring sealed, hardened alloy pins that are inserted radially on the inner side of the tire bead to create a barrier that prevents the tire from unseating during extreme side loads. Additionally, InnerLock wheels are lightweight, strong, don’t require bolt retorquing, and are DOT compliant for the ultimate blend of on-road safety and off-road performance.



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