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Hottest & Toughest Wheels for Your Rig

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Wheel Visualiser

Stuck in mud about which rims to choose? We have got ya covered with the Dynamic Wheel Co. rim visualiser.

Our wheel visualiser tool puts the power in your hands. Chuck on different rims and see what suits your beast best!

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Wheel Visualiser

Why Choose Dynamic Wheel Co.

At Dynamic Wheel Co. we believe that every 4×4 is a representation of its driver’s unique style and attitude.
Explore our large range of styles and fitments designed to suit your vehicle and make your 4×4 the toughest one on the road.

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Our Range

Is packed full of renowned brands like Dynamic Steel WheelsDWC WheelsDirty Life Race WheelsRacelineICON AlloysION WheelsMayhem Wheels, Elite Off Road WheelsAmerican Outlaw, and Spyder 4X4 Alloys.

Our Full Range

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Your Local Experts

Finding the perfect rim fitment for your rig can be a proper mission at the best of times, We have dealer’s right accross Australia, who are your local experts so you know nonmatter where you are you can get the best advice

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Upgrade Your Rig

Doesn’t matter if you have a 4×4, dual cab ute, SUV, UTV or even a trailer, if you are looking to upgrade your rig you’re in the right place.

Dynamic Wheel Co. have dealer’s right accross Australia, there is always a local experts who make sure your new rims are the perfect fit.

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We Offer Only the Best

Here at Dynamic Wheel Co., we are the exclusive wholesaler of Australia’s of premium quality alloy wheels and steel wheels.

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Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels are an excellent blend of style and performance. Not only do they visually enhance your vehicle, but they also offer unique benefits. Alloy wheels are lightweight, improving vehicle performance, handling, and fuel economy.

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Dynamic Steel Wheels Dealer Page

Steel Wheels

Steel wheels stand out for their robustness and long-lasting performance. At Dynamic Wheel Co., we take steel wheels to the next level with our specially designed Dynamic Steel wheels, tailored for the Australian market.

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Dealers Across Australia

Not sure where to get the best looking wheels for your vehicle?

Dynamic Wheel Co. has dealers right across Australia so there’s always a dealer near you.

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Wheel Tech

Four-wheel-drive and car enthusiasts today are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting Wheels.

Alloy Vs Steel

Alloy or Steel?

Wheels traditionally are built from two types of material – alloy (aluminium) or steel. Which one is right for you?

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Wheel Diameter: How Big is Too Big?

Upgrading to a larger diameter wheel will dramatically improve the look of your vehicle and improve handling responsiveness. Find out how important this is for your vehicle.

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General Tire 4×4 Tyres

Not Just Rubber and Tread! Whether your journey takes you deep into the wild, off the beaten track, or simply through the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle, we are here to redefine your limits.

At Dynamic Wheel Co., we proudly distribute General Tire, where we make the impossible possible. Discover the road less traveled with us.

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True Petrolheads

Our team are more than just staff; they’re true enthusiasts, experts, and advocates for finding the perfect wheel for you. Fill out the from and one of the team will contact you.