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ICON Alloy Wheel Range

ICON Alloys Rebound PRO with patented InnerLock technology provides a reliable bead retention system that keeps the tyre bead fastened to the wheel. This technology is compliant with DOT, JWL, and VIA standards. With InnerLock, your wheels are prepared for every situation, whether on or off the beaten path.

Icon Wheel Features

  • INNERLOCK TECHNOLOGY Revolutionary “Innerlock” technology. Leading the next generation of beadlock technology in Australia
  • DESIGN Streamlined design featuring clean, straight lines that complement a wide variety of vehicles.
  • RANGE Large range of positive offsets for Australian vehicles.
  • FINISH WARRANTY 1 year finish warranty.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY applies to all Icon wheels. The warranty covers any structural or manufacturer defects for the life of the wheel.

Understanding the Innerlock Technology

Proudly serving as the distributor of ICON Alloys in Australia, Dynamic Wheel Co. brings you a premium selection of wheels developed by ICON Vehicle Dynamics in the USA. ICON Alloys are designed and constructed with a clear objective in mind – to offer the off-road market wheels of exceptional quality, precision, performance, and strength.


Innerlock Features

• DOT, JWL & VIA compliant
• Patented InnerLock technology (U.S. Patent No. 11,090,976) provides the ultimate blend of on-road safety & off-road performance, ideal for the “weekend warrior”
• Bead retention system features alloy pins that are removable, reusable, & replaceable
• Hardened bead retention pins utilize a SAE J1926 O-ring seal & are constructed from high strength alloy that is thermo chemically treated for extreme corrosion resistance
• Strategically placed hardware for maximum protection from trail damage
• Reduced unsprung weight & rotating mass (compared to a traditional bead lock) improves handling characteristics & vehicle dynamics
• Aluminum alloy construction provides strength properties that are well suited for off-road use
• Rebound Pro available offset range 25P to 6N
• Largest range of fitments for modern Dual cab utes, Landcruisers, Jeeps & many more


On-Road Safety and Off-Road Performance

Our patented InnerLock technology (U.S. Patent No. 11,090,976) introduces an innovative way of securing the tyre bead onto the wheel. InnerLock uses a series of O-ring sealed, hardened alloy pins inserted radially on the inner side of the tyre bead, creating a barrier that prevents the tyre from unseating during extreme side loads.

Our Full Range


For Maximum Strength

ICON Alloys was established to create quality wheels with off-road geared performance, precision and strength in mind. Each wheel is developed with application-specific dimensions and engineered to reduce unsprung weight and rotating mass for peak performance on- and off-road.

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