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How to use the tools

help scale button

Click and drag the scale button toward and away from the wheel to adjust size.

help move button

Click and drag the move button or the wheel to position it on the vehicle.

help duplicate button

Click duplicate to make another copy of an existing wheel.

help swap button

Click swap style and choose another design to switch out one or all wheels.

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Use the NEW Dynamic Wheel Visualiser to see how your new favourite wheels will look on your vehicle in just a few clicks. Rather than seeing the wheels on a stock standard vehicle, you can see the wheels on your vehicle. All you need is a side profile picture of your vehicle.


Before you get started take a side profile picture of your vehicle. For best results, take a side-profile photo of your car in bright, even lighting, with the camera at chest height, aligned with the mid-line of the wheel base.


(1) SELECT YOUR VEHICLE From the drop down menu

(2) UPLOAD YOUR PHOTOSide on image for best results.

(3) Click ADD WHEEL, select a style, then click APPLY.

(4) MOVE and SCALE the wheel to match the size of an existing wheel in the photo. Duplicate the wheel or use the ADD WHEEL button again until all wheels are covered.

(5) Click the SAVE MY STYLE button to download an image of  your awesome new wheel setup.

(6) Hit ENQUIRE if you are interested in talking to the team about your specific requirements

To start over, just reload the page!

Please note, this visualiser only provides a simulation of how these wheels could look on your car in real life. Their precise appearance will differ by the fitment selected, tyres mounted, brakes and modifications fitted to the vehicle. Not all wheels fit all cars. Please use the filters on the wheels page first or talk to your local wheel retailer to confirm correct fitments for your vehicle. We respect your privacy – photos used with this visualiser remain locally on your device and are not uploaded to the server.

Composite image of a wheel and the visualiser UI popping out of a smartphone

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