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Performance-driven Technology

Raceline is a market leader in the design and manufacturing of wheels for off-road, street and track use. Founded more than 20 years ago as a manufacturer of specialty wheels for the off-road segment. Raceline’s passion for performance continues to inspire its entire product line.


Raceline Wheel Features

  • OFF ROAD PROVEN market leader in design for on and off road applications.
  • RANGE Largest range of off road truck, buggy and UTV range in Australia.
  • FINISH WARRANTY 1 year finish warranty.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY applies to all Raceline wheels. The warranty covers any structural or manufacturer defects for the life of the wheel.


Leader of Design and Manufacturing

With two decades of industry experience, Raceline has mastered the art of creating specialty wheels. Our unwavering dedication and expertise position us as a market leader, recognised for our superior designs and high-quality manufacturing.

Our Full Range


Driven by Performance

At Raceline, we believe in performance that exceeds expectations. Our passion for unmatched driving experiences has inspired our wide range of wheel collections, each boasting of superior technology and performance-driven design.

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Why choose wheels from Dynamic Wheel Co?

At Dynamic Wheel Co., we take immense pride in being more than mere distributors. We stand as the central hub for excellence in both alloy and steel wheels. With an impressive portfolio of 11 elite brands—including the robust Dynamic Steel wheels, sleek DWC Alloys, rugged Dirty Life wheels, and the renowned Raceline wheels —we cater to every wheel enthusiast’s dream. Our designs are unparalleled in aesthetics, and their strength is built for every adventure. Whether you’re looking for 4WD wheels, off road beadlocks, race wheels, UTV wheels, ATV wheels, SUV wheels, or trailer wheels, we have it all. Explore with Dynamic Wheel Co. and ensure your 4×4 stands out on every road and every journey.