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Alloy Vs Steel


Thinking about new wheels for your car and not sure whether to choose steel or alloy wheels? Here are some things to consider when choosing your next wheels!

Steel wheels are designed and built to the highest standards to ensure they will perform at their best not only now but also into the future. But not every steel wheel is built the same. Dynamic steel wheels have been designed and tested for the Australian market. Unlike many cheaper options on the market, Dynamic Steel wheels are stronger and less susceptible to damage as well as a range of other key features (many of which are unique to Dynamic):

Key features of Steel wheels:

Twice machined centre bores – ensure steel wheels are balanced better the first time, and maintain their balance longer through the life of your wheel.
Thicker outer rims – meaning your wheels are stronger and less likely to bend or damage on all high-load wheels. Standard outer rims are 3.5mm whereas Dynamic outer rims are 4mm (on all high-load wheels).
Lifetime Warranty – Dynamic steel wheels are covered by a warranty that covers you against any structural or manufacturer defects for the life of the wheel.
CBL compatible – Dynamic offers the largest range of centre bore locating compatible steel wheels in Australia.

When it comes to choosing the right steel wheel for your vehicle the Dynamic steel wheel range has the largest range of fitments available in Australia.


Spotting the visual difference between alloy and steel wheels is easy. However, there are certain key benefits that are unique to the alloy range.

Features of Alloy wheels:

Alloy wheels are lighter meaning they can also improve vehicle performance, better handling and therefore better fuel economy
Due to the lighter weight alloy wheels have lower unsprung mass
Built stronger and have greater heat conduction which is of benefit when hitting difficult tracks
Due to the different manufacturing methods, alloys wheels are easier to balance
2 year finish warranty*
Wide range of options for larger diameter wheels
Available in a wider range of styles, finishes and sizes

Dynamic Wheel Co., is a leading alloy wheel distributor in Australia with over 8 internationals brands available. Meaning the wheel range to choose from is extensive with over 100 different styles, finishes, colour and size combinations available.


When choosing alloy or steel wheels in the 4wd market there is no clear winner. The way to choose which wheel is to pick which features best suit your kind of driving.

For people who often drive their 4WDs through harsh, remote conditions, the rugged dependability of steel wheels may be an attractive proposition they inherent strength and ability to bend in the event of a hard impact.

On the other hand, 4WD owners who live closer to larger rural centres will find alloy wheels a more attractive option. Aside from a larger range of styles and sizes available (which makes selecting a wheel to suit their vehicle much easier), alloy wheels offer a strong but light construction which pay dividends when it comes to vehicle performance and handling.

Whether you choose steel or alloy wheels, Dynamic has the right wheel for you.