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General Tires New At Dynamic

Dynamic is proud to announce the arrival of General tyres into our product range. Our General tyre range includes Grabber ATX, Grabber AT3 and Grabber X3.


The Grabber ATX is exclusive to Dynamic Wheel Co and is available throughout all our warehouses in Australia.

The Grabber™ A/TX is an aggressive, all-season all-terrain tyre for light trucks and SUVs. Designed to balance exceptional off-road capability with on-road performance and aggressive styling, this tyre comes complete with Duragen Technology, which provides robust strength and durability.


· Duragen Technology

· Robust strength and durability

· Aggressive styling

· Low road noise

· Long-lasting treadwear

· 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake + studdable capability


The General Grabber AT3 is an all-terrain tyre developed to meet the needs of SUV, pick-up truck & off-road vehicle drivers who want a combination of exceptional off-road capabilities and confident on-road manners.


· Duragen Technology

· Experience exceptional grip

· Go off-road with confidence

· Enjoy maximum comfort


The Grabber X3 offers aggressive styling & is engineered for durability, with innovative tread features. Three-ply construction on all sizes provides race-proven durability and puncture resistance.


· Duragen Technology

· EXTREME performance in MUD with engineered tread features

· EXTREME performance in DIRT with superior grip

· EXTREME performance on ROCK with breakthrough cut resistance